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ASK OTUS noticed him (her?) the other morning when I was leaving for a meeting. I thought of trying to stop and get a photo, but I also was afraid of disturbing it, because it seemed so intent on something in the ditch of my neighbor across THE LOVELY GREAT EGRETS HAVE the street. QUITE THE ROBUST APPETITE, AS THE GREAT NATURALIST AUDUBON From time to time, I also notice this egret or one of its relatives eyeballing something LEARNED in our oak tree. The egrets do not seem nerDear Otus: vous about our proximity as long as we do You were so helpful and informative in your re- not try to get too close to them. In fact, I am sponse to my questions about our Red-Shoul- enthralled by their level of concentration. dered Hawks, I am hoping you can enlighten First, are they known for their single-mindedme about some of our neighborhood's resi- ness? Second, can you tell me exactly what dent birds. they do eat, as I am uncertain what catches their attention in our oak. I look forward very We have at least one Great White Egret (or is much to your help. it a White Heron?) that shows up regularly in Alexis our neighborhood during the fall and winter. I These Great Egrets are heading to an oak to roost. File photo

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