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Siesta Seen SIESTA WOMAN SETS UP LOST PET HOTLINE; COUNTY'S COASTAL RESOURCES MANAGER DISCUSSES RESTORE ACT AND TURTLE BEACH By Rachel Brown Hackney Editor A Siesta Key businesswoman has started a Van Roekens and SKVA President Russell Matlost pet hotline to help owners and their crit- thes both applauded Moore for her efforts afters reconnect when circumstances have con- ter her comments at the SKVA meeting. spired to separate them. "Thank you for doing that," Matthes told her. Judi Moore, the financial advisor at Edward "That's awesome." Jones in Siesta Village, says this is her way of Moore used the email addresses she already giving back to the community. had accumulated for the program to dissemiShe announced the project during the Siesta Key Village Association meeting on Nov. 6, pointing out that she has an email address, cell phone number and a Facebook page for people to let her know about missing pets or to report dogs and cats that obviously have found themselves far from their owners and homes. nate the information about that dog. Peter van Roekens, vice president of the Siesta Key Association and the Terrace East representative at the SKVA meetings, had notified Moore about the animal, he said. portant," Moore pointed out. "It really needs to be known island-wide." No one ever stepped forward to claim ownership of the Rottweiler, she added, but "he has been adopted." One big key to the success of her program, she says, is gathering enough email addresses to create a broad network for assistance. She encourages pet lovers to email her at judi. That very day, Moore told me this week, she to add their names to received an email letting her know about a the list. She asks that they put "pet hotline" in young Rottweiler that had been found on the the subject line. island. "Getting the network built is extremely im- People also may stop in her office at 5112 Ocean Blvd., in Davidson Plaza in Siesta Vil-

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