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Sarasota News Leader December 14, 2012 But today, critics say the plan has stifled the private sector, pointing to the fact that only one new project ��� Neal Communities��� Grand Palm in Venice ��� has gotten off the ground under the new rules. And that criticism has been well received on the County Commission, where at least three commissioners have publicly indicated a desire to overhaul the 2050 rules. Page 22 will not cost the county money in the way of new services. ���Fiscal neutrality causes uncertainty for the financing of a project,��� reads one note from Schroeder-Manatee. According to Polk, the county has at least two more ���stakeholder��� meetings before it will summarize the feedback for the commission on Jan. 30. Polk says the recommendations are mere ���refinements��� to the plan, and he Weeks after the County Commission���s vote calls, for example, Neal Communities Presifor more information, employees from the dent Pat Neal a ���very big supporter of 2050.��� county���s planning, environmental and zoning teams met with Neal Communities and A Neal Communities press release, in fact, touts the fact that its Schroeder-Manatee Grand Palm develop(the company behind ment is the first project the Villages of Laketo meet the ���carefulwood Ranch South), ly-crafted, low-impact and jotted down many standards of Sarasoof their concerns and ta County���s ���Sarasota complaints, later sum2050 Initiative.������ Nevmarized in a memo ertheless, ���through the from Planning Services processing there were Director Tom Polk to some issues we had to County Administrator work through,��� Polk Randy Reid. says. (Neal CommuniAccording to notes ties did not respond to from those meetings, a request for comment concerns centered as of press time.) around how to define In addition to Grand 2050 concepts such as Palm, Schroeder-Man���Open Space,��� what atee has earned apto do about pine flatwoods (which are proval for Villages ���conserved��� but not of Lakewood Ranch ���preserved���) and the South, a 5,500-acre, question of fiscal neu- A chart in the county���s 2050 Plan ranks 5,144-unit developthe priority of resource management artrality, which requires eas (RMAs) for consideration in transfer of ment, according to that developers pro- development rights transactions, another Planning Services duce documentation controversial issue related to the 2050 Plan. Customer Service showing new projects Chart courtesy of Sarasota County Manager Mary Beth

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