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THE NOISE ORDINANCE City Commissioner Paul Caragiulo (in white shirt at the podium, front) meets with residents to discuss the city���s noise ordinance. Photo by Stan Zimmerman SOME ���GIVE��� AT A TIME OF YEAR FOR GIVING By Stan Zimmerman City Editor Maybe it was the Christmas music on the radio or the Salvation Army bell-ringers. But what could have been a knock-���em-down disagreement over the city���s noise ordinance took on a kinder tone Wednesday evening, Dec. 19. A stereotypist would have had no problem distinguishing between the players ��� it was youth versus age. Neither side walked in prepared to give an inch. Many people walked away feeling a little Some people were strident, for certain. But if of the other���s pain, and ready ��� just maybe Santa was watching the streaming video, he ��� to consider some modification to the city���s added more than a few fighters to his nice list. entertainment-smothering blanket ordinance. Even the ranting of ex-Judge Frank Brenner (���Does the city need more noise?���) failed to A ZONE FOR CELEBRATION provoke an aura of hostility. City Commissioner Paul Caragiulo sponsored When the meeting started, the audience of the get-together. It was the second town-hall around 100 people were in chairs, standing in meeting assembling stakeholders to ponder the back, sitting on the floor and spilling over any modification to the decade-old shutdown into an adjacent room of the City Hall Annex. of amplified outdoor music citywide.

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