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Sarasota News Leader December 21, 2012 Page 20 springs should encourage the city to dump the way with the land, citing several governmental property now, while others argued the springs regulations. ���There are so many protections,��� is ���too significant��� to be left to the whims of she says. the private market. But none from the city, if the county goes Cook doubled down on her motion to sell along with her vote. the springs, which set off confusion: Would the city simply sell its share in the property, That is a big if. County Commissioner Chrisor would the county have to agree to sell the tine Robinson, speaking only for herself, says whole property? Cook indicated the latter. she has no interest in selling the springs. County attorneys are looking at the contract Yates said she could not support the motion at first, but after debate with Blucher, who to see what that commission���s options are. rebutted several of Cook���s arguments, she The County Commission is not expected to changed her mind. Yates said she supported address the matter again until early 2013. keeping the springs in public hands if it would Robinson says the North Port decision ���jeopbecome a park-like attraction, but she was ardizes public access ���concerned��� about and the preservation calls from Blucher to of the springs.��� explore the possibiliI just don���t understand where the ty of building a spa on commission is coming from, afraid to get She was not the only the property. one surprised by the information. All we���re looking for is decision. After TuesBlucher pointed out information. day���s vote, North Port that nothing prevented City Manager Jonathan the commission from Jim Blucher Vice Mayor Lewis asked the City still insisting that the North Port Commission to stop property become ���a large park.��� ���It could the meeting for a few end up that,��� he argued, saying the ITN was minutes so he could huddle with staffers and merely a process to collect ideas. ���I just don���t come back to get direction from the board. understand where the commission is coming Rather than adjourning, ���I would request that from, afraid to get information. All we���re look- you all take a short break,��� he said, to ���give us ing for is information.��� an opportunity to talk first.��� Yates��� flip on the issue gave the motion a 3-2 No dice. Cook made a motion to adjourn the majority. In a six-month span, Yates has now meeting immediately, backed by Blucher, who voted to start the ITN process, to nullify the seemed exasperated with the direction the disITN process and to sell the springs entirely. cussion had taken. Yates tells the News Leader North Port residents are ecstatic over the decision, shak- ���We need to take a step,��� Yates said, pushing ing her hand and thanking her. While she has for a short break instead of adjourning. ���We branded herself a strong advocate for protect- can���t just leave it in limbo.��� But they did. The ing the springs, she says she is unconcerned motion to adjourn was approved seconds later, about allowing a private business to have its supported by Cook, Blucher and DiFranco. %

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