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Sarasota News Leader December 21, 2012 Frederick ���Rick��� Piccolo, president and CEO of the Airport Authority, told the News Leader on Dec. 18 that Waechter had withdrawn his name from consideration for reappointment to the authority. Waechter���s term ��� and those of the other members ��� expired in November, Piccolo explained, but Gov. Rick Scott so far has not released the list of those appointed for the next term. Therefore, Piccolo said, ���A replacement [for Waechter] has not been named yet.��� Page 24 Democrat Liz Alpert���s campaign. It is not clear from the report whether that contribution also was in Ramirez��� name. Alpert ran against Republican incumbent Ray Pilon of Sarasota for the District 72 Florida House seat in the 2012 campaign. On Oct. 24, the report says, an investigator determined the VISA card had been obtained through META bank. On Oct. 29, the investigator subpoenaed the bank for information about the card. About two weeks later, the Piccolo added he would expect the new ap- investigator received information from the pointments no later than January. bank showing that the VISA card had been Waechter originally was elected to the au- purchased at a Sweetbay supermarket on Bee thority in 2000 for a two-year term, Piccolo Ridge Road in Sarasota, the report says. said. Then he was appointed to the authority On Nov. 15, the investigator contacted the firm in 2002, after members no longer were elect- that operated the Fitzgerald campaign website ed, Piccolo noted. Waechter served until 2006. and advised it of the case. Then, on Nov. 26, Then-Gov. Charlie Crist reappointed Waech- the report continues, the investigator received ter to the board for another four-year term in an email from the website operator with the 2008, Piccolo added. relevant logs and IP addresses from which the contribution was made. The investigator used Anna Madden, the county employee who is that information to track the IP addresses to the liaison between the County Commission Comcast Corp., which was subpoenaed for inand the Tourist Development Council, said on formation. The results led the investigator to Dec. 18 she had not received any notice from RWR Installations Inc., which had a Sawyer Waechter that he was resigning from the TDC. Road address in Sarasota, the report notes. Using Sheriff���s Office records, the report adds, DETAILS OF THE ALLEGED CRIME the investigator was able to locate Waechter A Sheriff���s Office investigator was able to use as the owner of that business. surveillance video from a Sweetbay store in Sarasota and IP addresses to connect Waech- On Dec. 6, the investigator went to the Sweetter with the purchase of the prepaid VISA card bay on Bee Ridge Road and asked for information relating to the use of the prepaid VISA allegedly used to make the $200 campaign card. The manager was able to locate the recontribution to the Fitzgerald campaign on ceipt for the transaction and provide video Oct. 2, according to the Sheriff���s Office report. surveillance footage, the report says. The inWaechter also allegedly used the same credit vestigator was able to identify Waechter from card to make a $35 campaign contribution to that footage, the report adds. %

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