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Sarasota News Leader December 21, 2012 style common in the 1930s, were stunning as they participated in the fun and games of a Christmas party, with tangos replacing sedate ballroom dancing and with an amusing, motorized mouse chugging across the stage. But the business with the so-called ���gangsters,��� who were neither menacing nor amusing, and the fight with the mice was a jumbled mixture of children and adults mincing around the stage. Page 70 Victoria Hulland as Mable Ringling/the good fairy made a dramatic entrance, descending onto the stage from a quarter moon, to save the Nutcracker. Hulland, a musical, exquisite dancer not only created beauty out of the limited movements in her pas de deux with David Tlaiye as John Ringling, but her performance was easily one of the delights of the evening. As Clara, Sara Sardelli, her hair in pigtails, light and graceful as she pranced across the Yes, it was meant to be an amusing farce with stage, was a believable and charming childish Elizabeth Sykes as a gangster���s moll until presence throughout both acts. As she entered This stage drape greeted audience members at The Sarasota Ballet���s version of Nutcracker. Contributed photo

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