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Sarasota News Leader December 21, 2012 Page 76 Charles was neither the showman nor the developer his brother was, but he left his own not-insubstantial mark on the town. Perhaps some of the best-known landmarks built by Charles Ringling were the Terrace Hotel ��� now the Sarasota County Terrace Building ��� at the corner of Ringling and Washington boulevards; the courthouse complex due north of the Terrace ��� designed by Dwight James Baum and beautifully restored by Sarasota County; and the Charles Ringling Building just west of Washington Boulevard (U.S. 301). All are on the eponymous Ringling Boulevard. While Charles was born in McGregor, IA, all seven brothers (and one sister) ��� children of German immigrants ��� grew up in Baraboo, WI. Several of their homes remain as historic landmarks in that community, which also was the winter quarters for the Ringling family circus for many years. The patriarch of the family was an itinerant harness maker, apparently quite skilled, Walk indicated. It was his fate, unfortunately, to be living in the early stages of the Industrial Deborah Walk, Tibbals Curator of the Circus Revolution. Harnesses were being produced Museum and Historical Documents at The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art, anin factories in large quantities, so he could swers a question after the program. provide only a sparse upbringing for the eight children, according to Walk. boo, and now the Circus World Museum is on ���These boys got together; they saw a circus in the same spot.��� McGregor, IA; it transformed their lives,��� she THE FIVE BROTHERS said. ���They decided they wanted to become circus owners. This was what drove them to ���We divided the job, but we stuck together,��� develop what would go on to become The said John Ringling. Greatest Show on Earth.��� While five of the brothers were members of She continued, ���In 1884, the boys ��� left Bara- the original partnership, all seven ended up boo and went to the first 10 stops on their first working for the circus. Each contributed in route. They had their winter quarters at Bara- his own way. All the evidence indicates a re-

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