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Sarasota News Leader December 21, 2012 Page 91 Siesta Seen ed out) and Terrace East (���Everyone notice the trolley lurched from a standstill into full the Christmas tree in the foyer,��� Russell said). gear; and even without the eggnog, this outing would be tremendous fun. When you put this As always, Helen reminded us that we were many diverse personalities together ��� everyjudging complexes in groups according to one with a pretty darn good sense of humor their size. She asks that we consider unique��� you end up with much laughter, and that ness of the decorations, the ���WOW��� factor, laughter is infectious. use of color and how the decorations reflect the Christmas season. BEYOND THE VILLAGE I have to interject two comments at this point: Mark Smith has incredibly good balance, as evidenced by his ability to pour eggnog without spilling it on a couple of occasions when The only time we left the trolley on our tour was at the Gulf & Bay Club. After Helen prevailed upon the gate guard to let us in because we were judging the Christmas lights, our driv- The group participating in this year���s Siesta Condo Council holiday lighting contest are (from left) Alex Mahadevan, Mark Smith, Cheryl Gaddie, Catherine and Bob Luckner, Nora Patterson, Diane Erne, trolley driver Geoff van Deusen and Helen Clifford, with Russell Matthes (above) in the trolley window. Photo by Rachel Hackney

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