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This week, we are delighted to formally add a new member to our staff. Long-time readers of the Pelican Press ��� from the days before it was sold in 2011 ��� are well acquainted with our political cartoonist, John Riley. I cannot begin to tell you how many awards John has racked up in Florida Press Association contests over the years for his extraordinary talent. When we were preparing to launch our weekly digital publication, we asked whether he would be willing to come back to work. Having been retired for more than a year, he said he needed to give it a little thought. Fortunately, it did not take him long to say, ���Yes.��� However, his caveat was that if he found the routine too demanding, he could give us his notice at any time. We said, ���Yes,��� and kept our fingers crossed. Therefore, it was with great delight we received a Christmas present from John in the form of an email saying he wished to continue creating cartoons for us as a regular staff member going into the New Year. As for our stories this week: We are taking another page from the old days of the Pelican Press: We put together a Year in Review, choosing highlights from each month to remind you how 2012 progressed. It amazed me how early some topics popped up during the year and remained among our top headlines. Finally, we most certainly want to take an opportunity to wish all of you a prosperous and Happy New Year! Editor and Publisher

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