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LOOKING BACK YEAR IN REVIEW: SEPTEMBER SEPT. 4 The City of Sarasota���s Public Art Committee is going under a political microscope to determine whether it lives or dies. The last item on the City Commission agenda is a settlement of a lawsuit brought by the current chairman of the committee. ���Now we have advisory board members suing the city,��� says Commissioner Terry Turner. ���We should decommission this standing committee and rely on ad hoc committees instead. How do we do that?��� Commissioner Shannon Snyder quickly backs Turner���s idea. ���I���d be receptive to studying it,��� he says. ���The [public art] fund is less than $150,000. For what it is, we���re not seeing any great amount of money coming into the fund anytime soon.��� The city requires all major developments to apportion one-half of 1% of any project���s costs to providing public art for the project. Such art is often a sculpture outside the resulting building, but the work can be located in a public space inside the building. Sharing by Bruno Lucchesi stands outside Selby Public Library. Photo by Stan Zimmerman

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