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YEAR IN REVIEW: DECEMBER Workers continue to clean up the work site for Lift Station 87, near Mound Street and U.S. 301 just outside downtown Sarasota. Photo by Norman Schimmel DEC. 3 a contractor to reopen Osprey Avenue within 30 days and mothball its all-but-finished lift It will take about as long to build Lift Station station. 87 at Luke Wood Park as it did to build the Great Pyramid of Khufu near Cairo, Egypt. DEC. 4 Work on the city���s star-crossed sewage pumping facility began in 2008, after repeated fail- Call it the ���slo-mo appeal.��� So far it has come ures at Lift Station 7 led to spills of hundreds in fragments ��� an email one day, a payment of thousands of gallons of untreated sewage another day and a written form on a third. into Hudson Bayou and on into Sarasota Bay. The objective is to obtain a rehearing by the The latest estimate for completion indicates Sarasota City Commission of a Nov. 14 split the work will be complete in 2015. The mi- decision by the Planning Board to approve cro-tunneling under the bayou required clo- the construction of a Walmart to replace the sure of the northbound lane of Osprey Ave- Ringling Shopping Center in downtown Saranue, causing annoyance in the neighborhoods sota. The actual appeal itself is finally filed. The required $1,597 filing fee was paid on Dec. south of Mound Street, such as Avondale. 3. City staff received an email on Nov. 26 sugSome of the disturbance ��� halted projects, gesting an appeal would be filed. That was snarled traffic, defaulted contractors, lawsuits the last day, by law, that a notice of appeal ��� is remedied when the Sarasota City Com- could be filed following the Planning Board mission approves a $750,000 change order for decision.

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