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Sarasota News Leader December 28, 2012 This sheer volume of activity made it virtually impossible for any one visitor to experience all that Miami had to offer the weekend of Art Basel. Shrewd attendees could find ways to maximize their experiences while spending little money by choosing the right events and submitting RSVPs ahead of time, but traffic congestion and a scarcity of available parking spaces made it difficult to traverse the city in a timely manner. In spite of this, there were a few essential activities that could not be missed. ART BASEL Art Basel officially opened to the public this year on Thursday, Dec. 6, after an invite-only pre-opening the day before. It consisted of more than 250 exhibitions, each organized by its respective gallery owner, who came from 31 different countries. The fair, which was arranged in a minimal, open fashion that allowed visitors to roam freely between galleries, Page 89 was the main attraction for many of Miami���s international visitors, some of whom attended to purchase art for public or private institutions and galleries. The majority of patrons, however, attended Art Basel for the experience of taking in the art pieces, both individually and in the context of the almost unfathomably extensive exhibition. Michael Kutno and Carol Anker, who have gone to Art Basel every year for the past several years and plan to continue the ritual, described the fair to the News Leader in glowing words. Michael Kutno and Carol Anker with Jon Pylypchuk���s 2012 installation I Won���t Give up on You in the Fredric Snitzer Gallery at Art Basel in Miami on Dec. 7. Kutno and Anker told the News Leader that afternoon they had felt drawn to the piece, which caught their attention while they were viewing a nearby gallery. ���Art Basel is like a heavenly experience for art,��� Kutno said. ���It���s just such a wonderful space that���s filled up with all of this magic. You just feel great and you can���t stop smiling. Your cheeks hurt from smiling so much!��� Anker added that she appreciates the inspiration

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