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ASK OTUS In the interest of a Happy New Year, I am giving the answers below, but I am including only new photos to the ���tricky��� bird identifications. I do not want you staying up late New Year���s Eve, pouring over bird encyclopedias and HOW MANY OF MY FELLOW missing out on a good night���s sleep. FEATHERED FRIENDS DID YOU GUESS CORRECTLY FROM THE Let me offer a couple of explanations why sevCHRISTMAS BIRD COUNT QUIZ? eral of these commonly seen birds may have Dear Readers, been a bit difficult to identify. Many of you have written to ask for the answers to last week���s Name-That-Bird Quiz. I am delighted that so many of you took the time to take it. Good for you! It was a bit tricky. First, we are more likely to identify an iconic representation of a bird than not. When you see a Great Blue Heron in profile, you recognize it immediately. A head-on shot makes one look different, even a bit whacky; same for the Snowy Egret. File photos.

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