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THE NEED TO CATCH UP Photos from a May 2012 PowerPoint presentation show two sections of roads rated as needing resurfacing ��� Webber Street, between McIntosh Road and the railroad tracks; and Woodrow Street, which is between Beneva and Sawyer roads. Both are in Sarasota. Images courtesy Sarasota County SARASOTA COUNTY COMMISSION EXPECTED NEXT MONTH TO ADDRESS WAYS TO ACCELERATE ITS SCHEDULE FOR RESURFACING ROADS IN POOR CONDITION By Rachel Brown Hackney Editor To maintain an ���Excellent��� rating for the pavement on two-thirds of its roads, the County Commission would have to authorize about $9 million per year for resurfacing, the county���s chief engineer, James K. Harriott Jr., says in a recent email exchange with the past commission chairwoman, Christine Robinson. bring today���s roads that have an OCI of 60 to an excellent rating of OCI 90 or greater.��� ���OCI,��� which stands for ���Overall Condition Index,��� is the standard rating system for roads, Harriott and other Public Works Department staff explained to the commissioners during a May 7 budget workshop that focused partly For the 2013 fiscal year, the County Commis- on the county���s roads. An OCI of 60 or lower sion budgeted $6,889,291, Harriott added in a indicates a road needs to be resurfaced, acfollow-up email to Commissioner Nora Patter- cording to that May presentation. son on Dec. 26. During that May workshop, Harriott also Harriott noted in a Dec. 21 email to Robin- pointed out that it would take $15 million a son, ���[A]t the current prices for the resurfac- year over 24 or more years to reach the goal of ing work it would cost about $60 million to having no county road with an OCI below 60.

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