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Sarasota News Leader January 4, 2013 Page 17 ���That���s a pretty unsustainable goal and target,��� On Feb. 12, the County Commission will hear he said at the time. another presentation on the status of its resurfacing projects, Harriott noted in the email He added that the county needed to spend exchanges. about $7 million a year to stay close to the target of keeping no more than one-third of At that time, Commissioner Joe Barbetta told its roads at an OCI rating of 60 or below, ���and the News Leader on Dec. 28, the board memit���s going to be very difficult to do that.��� bers need to figure out how best to address According to current budget data, Harriott the matter. He referenced the Dec. 26 email pointed out in his Dec. 26 email to Patterson, exchange between Harriott and Patterson, the road resurfacing funding for the next four noting Patterson had asked Harriott to ���calculate the break even point��� for resurfacing fiscal years has been allocated as follows: funding to keep the percentage of county ��� FY 2014: $1,820,000. roads needing attention from continuing to climb. ��� FY 2015: $4,550,000. ���If we need to do a one-time budget adjustment��� of several million dollars to take care ��� FY 2017: $6,550,000 of the problem, Barbetta said, ���then let���s do it. ���We have wants, needs and immediate needs��� ��� The risk of serious injury on these roads is in terms of resurfacing issues, Robinson told going to be a bigger issue.��� The Sarasota News Leader in an interview on Barbetta said he was uncertain how the counDec. 28. ���I would classify [resurfacing] as an ty had reached the current situation. ���I think immediate need.��� we should have been kept more in the loop��� After reviewing the numbers Harriott had If we need to do a one-time budget by staff, he added. provided to her in an adjustment ��� then let���s do it. ��� The risk During the May 7 budinitial email in Decemof serious injury on these roads is going get workshop, Barbetber, Robinson addto be a bigger issue. ta voiced complaints ed, she was uncertain about the fact that whether all of her felJoe Barbetta Richardson Road, Commissioner low commissioners reSarasota County near Interstate 75 in alized ���what it would the eastern part of the take to catch up.��� She joined Patterson in requesting more informa- county, had not been paved since 1983. Its OCI already had dropped below 40, he pointed out tion from him. at the time. Robinson pointed out to the News Leader, ���If we don���t do something, we keep getting into a Harriott explained that residents previously bigger hole that might not affect this commis- had requested the widening of Richardson sion,��� but it would affect future boards. ���We Road, because its lanes are so narrow. Howneed to not pass the buck on this,��� she added. ever, a couple of years ago, after the county ��� FY 2016: $4,550,000.

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