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Sarasota News Leader January 4, 2013 began improvements of Fruitville Road east of I-75, residents began requesting Richardson Road be maintained in a more rural condition, Harriott said. Those shifting priorities had kept the road from being resurfaced, he added. Page 18 been working on 86 of those miles, for which funding was budgeted in the 2012 fiscal year, Harriott added. Over the next five years, he continued, ���we have a little over 300 lane miles budgeted��� for repaving. During the May 7 presentation, he pointed out in that email, ���staff reported that 33.6% of our roadways are categorized at undesirable (Overall Condition Index, OCI of 50 to 60) or marginal (OCI of less than 50). In other words, 66.4% are classified as satisfactory or better.��� ���This thing���s fallen through the cracks,��� Barbetta replied. ���We blew right through the 20year mark in 2003,��� he added, referencing a staff remark earlier in the presentation that the county goal was to make sure roads were resurfaced at least every 20 years. Public Works Department staff runs a full OCI report twice a year, Harriott added ��� THE ROAD NUMBERS in October, to coincide with the start of the As of Dec. 21, Harriott noted in his email to fiscal year, and in January, for state reportRobinson, the county had about 790 miles ing purposes. After work was completed on of roads below an OCI of 60. The county has the 86 lane miles budgeted for resurfacing in Sarasota County photos from a May 2012 presentation show two segments of roads rated in ���Excellent��� condition. Images courtesy Sarasota County

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