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Sarasota News Leader January 4, 2013 Oak Park has 100 percent renewable energy, but we don���t have energy aggregation here in Florida yet. I���ve been surprised there aren���t more solar installations around the town and the community. That would seem to be a logical enhancement. I know the Chamber [of Commerce] has put up some panels as a demonstration project. Page 22 Barwin: I have not. I was appointed by the [Illinois] governor to that commission, and it was a very educational experience. It���s one of those things I���d like to peruse. My plan coming in was to immerse myself as much as I could in this community. I���ve been on a furious tear to do that. I am surprised and impressed on a daily and certainly a weekly basis with new assets that are under the radar. SNL: How often do you talk with [new Sarasota Police Chief] Bernadette DiPi- SNL: Can you give examples? no? Barwin: I know Mote is known locally. But Barwin: Three or four times since she was when you go out there and talk to the folks and understand the breadth of what they do, appointed [Oct. 16]. Two or three times in the it���s a phenomenal operation. last week. She���s ready to go. She [started] on I toured Booker, the [rebuilt] high school yesJan. 1. terday. It���s going to be an incredible asset to SNL: You were a member of the Illinois the community. The labs ��� the science and Law Enforcement Training and Standards math labs ��� the performing arts facilities are Board. Have you read the standing orders incredible. Once a student is inside, it���s an open-air university-campus-like setting. All of the Sarasota Police Department? Tom Barwin attends his first City Commission meeting on Sept. 4. Photo by Norman Schimmel

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