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Sarasota News Leader January 4, 2013 Yesterday, I was touring Booker High School with Vice Mayor [Willie] Shaw and Barbara Langston. He was telling me what he had to do when he was in school, and she told me how they had to fight to get the assets that are at Booker. Page 29 SNL: Do you have a favorite find: a restaurant, a book, a painting, a vista? My wife and I have been going to watch sunsets as often as possible, Saturday and Sunday walks and jogs on the beach at Lido. We drive down to the park and go clear to the north This is a great story, and this is why I stayed end. It���s a delightful walk. But the other mornat the grassroots, because you get a feeling; ing, we went the other way. We walked back toward the bay, toward town. you can see the victories. That new facility is going to help a bunch of people. There���s going It was a nice visual, and we both took picto be untold mentorings nobody���s ever going tures. There were two guys fishing, and there were four herons surrounding them ��� like, to know about. That was special. who���s gonna get to eat this fish? ��� with the Then seeing this older guy come out and write city as the backdrop. The whole scene was a $4 million check for the military academy. just gorgeous: the herons, the fishermen, the Obviously, [that charter school is] working for blue sparkling water, the nature and then the a thousand kids. This guy was so humble and backdrop of that just gorgeous skyline of nonchalant, saying, ���I want to see you guys downtown Sarasota. We are so happy to be do well.��� Things like that happen all the time. here. % SARASOTA���S HAIR COLOR SPECIALIST John-Norman Tuck (941) 928-1203 John-Norman Tuck is Sarasota and Bradenton���s premier hairstylist and hair color artist. Getting his customer���s hair to look and feel it���s best is his passion. John-Norman started fulfilling his customers��� hair dreams in his Pasadena, CA salon and now has brought his talents to Sarasota. Full Service Salon 3 6 9 S t . A r m a n d s C i r c l e ��� S a r a s o t a ��� J o h n - N o r m a n Tu c k . c o m I am so incredibly pleased, with my beautiful smile and my comfortable and natural bite. - Barbara Lee For a complimentary consultation call 941.923.5406 | Christine Koval, D.M.D. |

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