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First, we want to wish all of you a very Happy New Year! And this year is off to quite a busy start, I have to say. With numerous local government meetings on the calendar for next week, we offer you a preview of some of the big topics expected to be addressed ��� from an appeal regarding the Walmart proposed for the Ringling Shopping Center to concerns about the status of a Sarasota County advisory board member who was arrested in December to public hearings on two variances related to construction on Siesta Key���s beach. For Stan Zimmerman fans ��� and everyone interested in getting better acquainted with new City Manager Tom Barwin ��� Stan has written an in-depth piece reflecting a 90-minute interview he conducted as Mr. Barwin prepared to mark his first 100 days on the job. It is exactly the type of article we love to present in this digital format, because most publications in this day and age would eschew it simply on the basis of its length. Our columnists David Staats and Harriet Cuthbert this week also have provided very different but very thoughtful commentaries. David spent quite a bit of time himself talking with psychiatrists to try to understand what turned Adam Lanza into a mass murderer. On the lighter side, Harriet will entice you into wanting to work off those extra holiday pounds. In Sarasota Leisure, Tyler Whitson is sure to make any beer aficionado start to salivate as he describes Cigar City Brewing in Tampa. It is an exciting tale of a business that seems poised to make a major national name for itself. And our dear feathered friend Otus tackles a subject I cannot ever recall seeing in the average newsweekly: Think of the birds and the bees, but focus on the birds. Otus begins a series you will not want to miss! Editor and Publisher

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