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Sarasota News Leader January 4, 2013 Page 32 sentially be nullifying their own construction the questions for the County Commission���s setback ordinance? consideration. ���They are sitting right now in a very, very pre- The matter of the variance requests was carious place,��� she added during a Jan. 3 in- brought up during the Dec. 6 SKA meeting, terview with The Sarasota News Leader. when Vice President Peter van Roekens pointed out that he and other residents of the Ter���This is completely undeveloped land,��� Luckrace East condominium complex in Siesta Vilner pointed out. Would approval of the varilage had not received legal notices from the ances open the door to the board���s having to county thus far about the upcoming public allow every other such parcel to be developed hearings before the County Commission. on a barrier island in the county, if the owners sought permission to do so, she asked. Van Roekens said the Terrace East board would be meeting to discuss the matter. He ���We���re not sitting in a place of passing judgalso pointed out that he had photos showing ment,��� she said of the SKA. All she and her the two parcels in question had been underboard members want to do, she added, is pose water at one time. A Sarasota County Geographic Information Systems map shows the two lots that are the focus of the variance requests on Beach Road: 0080-24-0027 and 0080-24-0028, to the left of the Terrace building. Image courtesy Sarasota County

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