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Sarasota News Leader January 4, 2013 OTHER PROTESTS Among the other emails sent to the county commissioners are the following comments: Page 35 allowing new property to be built so close to the water, you are taking away the very thing that has put Siesta on the map ��� the beautiful, sandy beaches!��� ��� ���The properties in question are often flood- ��� New Commission Chairwoman Carolyn ed, and the roads in front of these properMason has responded to the emails with ties frequently then become impassible. ��� the following comments: ���On behalf of the If [these homes are] constructed on this County Commission, I want to thank you beach some of the grass on the gulf side for taking the time to write to us sharing would have to be destroyed. The ecologiyour comments and concerns relative to cal balance of this area would forever be Variance Petitions 79-03-12-419 and 79-03adversely affected.��� 12-425. These matters are quasi judicial and ��� ���The variances should NOT be granted. That as such we are discouraged from commentwill violate the ordinances that [have] been ing outside the public hearing. Your comestablished to prevent or retard erosion of ments are important to us so I have copour coastline ��� [I]t would set a precedent ied our staff to make sure those comments that will nullify the current protections of become part of the public record on this the [GBSL] for everyone.��� issue.��� ��� ���This proposal would build two large structures entirely seaward of the setback line, would remove protective grasses and vegetation, disturb an area of dune formation, and would be seaward of Beach Road which already has been washed away at its northern end.��� ��� ���Siesta Beach is an acclaimed treasure. Water has already flooded this area and covered parts of Beach Road and we have been told that with climate change and the rising level of the oceanic waters, our coastline will become increasingly vulnerable. In addition, the entire beach ecosystem will begin to fall apart. Nesting areas for sea turtles and ground nesting birds will disappear. Sea grass, so vital to keep the sand from being washed away will become sparse and disappear.��� A BALANCE Luckner told the News Leader in a follow-up email that the SKA also is concerned about people purchasing land in the county ���that may not be truly ���buildable.������ The county Tax Appraiser���s Office ���lists many risky parcels as [Residential Single Family and Residential Multi Family] despite their location being 100% seaward of the GBSL and the [Coastal Construction Control Line],��� she wrote. Additionally, Luckner pointed out, ���As advocates for property owners, we want to protect the barrier island coastal environment. It ensures safety as well as value for existing homes.��� The County Commission Jan. 9 agenda was ��� ���Siesta Key has built a reputation for [its] not available before the News Leader���s deadwhite-quartz beaches that offer luxurious line this week. It should be available by Jan. amenities with a relaxed vibe. Clearly, by 4 on the county website. %

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