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UPWARD TRENDS Sarasota County home sales stayed stronger in the 2012 fiscal year, county data shows. File photo SARASOTA COUNTY���S HOUSING MARKET CONTINUES TO IMPROVE AND THE COUNTY EXCEEDED ITS REVENUE PROJECTIONS FOR THE 2012 FISCAL YEAR By Rachel Brown Hackney Editor Sarasota County has continued to see an improving housing market since its new fiscal year began Oct. 1, county financial data shows, with almost 27 percent more housing units sold in November 2012 compared to November 2011 ��� the latest month for which figures are available. In November 2012, the median sales price for residential and condominium units was $170,516, a 12 percent increase from the $152,291 figure for November 2011. The November 2012 figure was down slightly ��� 0.6 percent ��� from the October 2012 number of $171,645. The median price in SeptemThe year-to-year comparisons show 764 units ber 2012 was $171,195. sold in November 2012, while 602 were sold The average number of days on the market in November 2011. In October 2012, the num- for November 2012 was 173, down 6.7 percent ber of units sold was 709, the data shows, a from the 186-day level of November 2011. In 22.9 percent increase over the 577 figure for October 2012, the average number of days on October 2011. the market was 175, the county data shows. The median sales price also has continued a The number of building permits issued for positive trend, according to the data. single-family home construction also has con-

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