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Sarasota News Leader January 4, 2013 OPINION Page 62 I CALL IT ���THE CLUB��� By Harriet Cuthbert Contributing Writer COMMENTARY Is it the easy camaraderie among fitness folks ��� people somewhere between the ages of 18 and 90 who love the feeling of a good workout? Is it the studio regulars, dancing or stepping to the beat, knowing that after their own grueling one-hour workout they will have earned a nice cool shower and their day will be better than ever? (I don���t understand yoga, but I do recognize a look of satisfaction and accomplishment on the faces of the group members after their class ends.) Is it the large, round open area in the center that serves to welcome members, inviting them to have a cup of coffee and a chat? The people in this spot always seem so comfortable and relaxed, enjoying this home-awayfrom home ambience. What about the marvelous day-care services and teen programs? The Sarasota Y on Bahia Vista Street, officially known as the Frank A. Berlin YMCA, seems unique to me. Nobody ever judges anybody there, but maybe a few of us really like to adIs it the gang of older guys who meet every mire some of the great bodies. week to wring out every ounce of sweat on the racquetball courts? They are definitely in Sometimes I am not in the mood to make the their own zone, loving every second of their drive over to ���The Club,��� but once I arrive ��� competitive matches. One could call it a fra- and it never seems to fail ��� I am greeted by ternity of ageless men who just cannot, and the friendly volunteers and am motivated, will not, quit. I heard one red-faced player tell once again, to do my workout. his buddy, ���I���m 65���; the other guy responded, If my friend, Ken, who just turned 90, can ���So what! I���m 77.��� But he was outdone by the show up ��� along with his wife ��� and strain third player in the group, who wore a large on all those machines, then I guess I have no elastic brace on his leg and walked away from choice. his game with an enormous smile and a look Happy New Year, and stay fit (keep lifting). % of great pride. Press Releases & News Tips

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