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Sarasota News Leader January 4, 2013 Page 70 A GROWING AUDIENCE his own Cigar City desires, said he has friends who fall into this demographic. ���I know peoCigar City���s current rate of success and expan- ple in Georgia who drive to Tallahassee just to sion may be just the beginning for the young get Cigar City beers,��� he said. ���It���s ridiculous.��� brewery. National demand for the company���s beer remains on the rise, and once the com- Of course, with growth often comes change. pany is able to fulfill the demand in Florida, However, from what Lorber has said about it may move on to national distribution ��� for the core values of Cigar City���s employees, its good reason. The brewery���s Facebook page, owner and its head brewer, fans need not worfor example, is constantly peppered with posts ry about how future commercial success will from people in other states asking when they affect the brewery���s prestige and adventurousness. will be able to buy Cigar City beers locally. Gibson, who is lucky enough to be able to vis- ���It���s true heart craft beer,��� he said. ���For these it the brewery whenever he wants to satisfy guys, it���s not a job, it���s a passion.��� % At the front of its expanded tasting room, Cigar City Brewing proudly displays the awards it has garnered over the years.

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