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ASK OTUS breed and insure the survival of our species. The fact that we do it with panache and pursue it with an intensity that oftentimes borders on the ridiculous is just another part of our inherent charm ��� something that makes SO YOU WANT TO KNOW HOW people smile understandingly or scratch their BIRDS DO IT ���. heads perplexedly as they watch our antics. Dear Readers, It is the New Year, and in our avian world, it is ���in with the old!��� The mating season for most birds is just beginning, celebrating the eons-old cycle of courtship and love while trying one���s absolute best to get someone to ���do it��� with you! The haecceity of a bird is simple to explain: We exist to Oscar and Olivia mate in their nest. File photo As usual, I have a wonderful old song running through my head. It is called Let���s Fall in Love, and it was written by Cole Porter, the famed Hoosier composer (as well as naturalist and ornithologist). It is more commonly known as ���Birds do it, bees do it.��� And here is a video I really enjoyed. The film���s quality may be pathetic, but it features lots of glorious love-struck birds as well as one rutting,

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