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Sarasota News Leader January 4, 2013 Page 73 flea-infested squirrel pair. It also has the orig- solar heating and heat-generating biodegradinal, and even back then, politically incorrect able materials? Anyway, Oscar is rebuilding lyrics. the nest he established three years ago in the hope that Olivia Osprey will again fall in love Cole Porter did elucidate how ���it��� is done by with him and they can ���do it.��� some. For example, ���Roosters with a doodle and a cock do it,��� which explains our barn- He is starting to do everything a male bird yard friends; but, when it came to ���Bees do can possibly do to attract a mate. Even if it is it,��� he was purposely vague. I actually had to the same mate as the one he had last year ��� do my own research. and many birds do so hope it will be the same one ��� he still has to show her he has what it According to eHow, ���The mating process usutakes. ally occurs above ground in mid-flight, and results in the death of the drone as he expends I am always touched by the affection and insemen.��� There is not enough in that moment terest people have in birds on their property of passion to keep the imagination alive, nev- or in their neighborhood. They name the birds er mind inspire romance novels, chansons de as though they were a part of their family or gestes or hauntingly sad ballads, is there? close circle of friends. I have been watching Oscar Osprey for On south Siesta Key, the Great Blue Heron the past couple of is called Fred, Charweeks. He has been ley or Sam. The Osflying back forth to prey offspring, who his nest on Little fledged in glorious Sarasota Bay. Someflight, were appropritimes a long train of ately named Orville Spanish moss trails and Wilbur (after the behind him; at other Wright brothers, but times, he carries the Wilbur turned out to tiniest and most inbe Amelia, as in Earconsequential-lookhart!). ing twig. Birds seem to evoke How many of you in humans a passel of knew that male birds interests ��� from avitake as serious an inculture to zoolatry ��� terest in architecture as well as emotions as Mies van der Rohe ranging from the or I.M. Pei? And who proprietary, with all would guess that the good feelings of birds could conlove and concern for struct architectural Oscar brings a stick to the nest he is building. ���their birds,��� to just marvels that include File photo downright curiosity.

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