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Sarasota News Leader January 11, 2013 Page 14 partnership registries in different local gov- Regarding the bill Barbetta referenced, Sheernment jurisdictions would be handled. He lin told the News Leader, "It's my understandwanted to be certain, he added, that provi- ing that it has not been filed." He added that he had had an email sions of a county doexchange on Jan. 7 mestic partnership registry would reflect If this is something that the public informing him of that language of power of wants, it really should be statewide, and situation. attorney documents it would match with other estate planning The legislator who accepted statewide documents. had proposed such a for health care matters bill "said he was going Charles Hines and other personal isCommissioner to wait a year," Shelin Sarasota County sues. pointed out. County Attorney Stephen DeMarsh asked the commissioners to recognize that "there are some complex legal issues here," so "you do not set a short deadline" for a report from his office on establishment of a county registry. That legislator, Shelin said, is Rep. Joe Saunders, D-Fort Lauderdale. When Saunders was running for his House seat in 2012, the news media reported he is openly gay and in support of domestic partnership registries. Then Barbetta said he understood a bill prefiled for the 2013 session of the Florida Legis- Shelin said he planned to speak with Mason lature sought to establish a statewide domes- later this week. tic partnership registry. In the meantime, Shelin said, he had received State Rep. Ray Pilon, R-Sarasota, had told him enthusiastic support from the Venice City about it, Barbetta added. "We'll wind up be- Council for his proposal of a domestic parting preempted out of this, probably," Barbetta nership registry for that municipality. He also is scheduled to appear before the North Port said. City Commission on Jan. 28 to discuss a regWhen Mason again asked whether she had istry for that city. He plans to talk individually consensus to allow Reid and DeMarsh to su- with the North Port commissioners on Jan. 17, pervise staff members in researching the issue Shelin added. of a county registry, Patterson said, "Maybe, before they invest hundreds of lawyer hours "We really ought to have the whole county in this, we should see what happens in the covered," he said. legislative session." Mason told the News Leader after the Jan. 8 meeting that the commissioners "just need to "I would agree," Hines said. "If this is somedecide whether we're going to do it or not." thing that the public wants, it really should be statewide, and it would match with other She added, "I want to be fair to everybody" in estate planning documents." the county. %

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