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NO OTHER TAKERS County Attorney Stephen DeMarsh/Photo by Norman Schimmel HINES IS THE SOLE COUNTY COMMISSIONER TO INDICATE AN INTEREST IN A NEW POLICY REGARDING REMOVAL OF ADVISORY BOARD MEMBERS FOR CAUSE By Rachel Brown Hackney Editor With Robert Waechter having resigned on Jan. ing on Jan. 8 without mentioning Waechter 6 from the Sarasota County Board of Zoning by name. Hines said he had received queries Appeals (BZA) and the Tourist Development from several constituents about Waechter's Council (TDC), no other Sarasota County continued service on the two advisory boards commissioner joined after Waechter was Commissioner Charles charged Dec. 14 with I would also say I'm coming up on a third-degree felony. Hines this week in voicing interest in a my 21st year in Sarasota County, and According to a Sarasonew policy regarding I've actually never had this issue arise ta County Sheriff's Ofremoval of advisory before. … One of your potential actions fice report, Waechter board members for is to say, 'Well, this has only happened allegedly used personcause. once in 20-some years, so is that al identity information necessary?' Hines raised the isto purchase a prepaid sue during the ComVISA card in the name Stephen DeMarsh County Attorney mission Reports part of Lourdes Ramirez, Sarasota County of the regular meetpresident of the Sara-

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