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Sarasota News Leader January 11, 2013 you own the place. There you enjoy cool air and three "Arctic Mist" experiences — menthol, mint and eucalyptus — as twinkling fiber optics flash around you. The mist cools the lungs, and consequently, your blood. The room itself is about 45 degrees, and let us just say to the fellas out there, having that much cold air hit your naked body at once can be a bit humbling, if you know what I mean. Thankfully there is no staring, right? THE DINING EXPERIENCE Because Canyon Ranch wants to make sure you are the best you that you can be, the staff teaches you to be conscious of what you eat. Speaking of the food: The website boasts, "Food is more than calories and nutrients; it carries information that your cells need to communicate, perform their metabolic duties, detoxify and eliminate wastes. Understanding how you turn your food into the fuel that allows you to operate optimally makes wise (and delicious!) choices far easier." Page 76 From managing a transition in life to quitting smoking to learning how to deal with stress, there are classes to help you transcend to the next and better "you." Additionally, the staff helps you map a future for yourself so you can prance around with this new and improved "you" all over creation. The week flew by and so did five pounds (Yay). On my way out of the resort Harmony grabbed my hand, gave me a sincere hug and asked how my stay was. I told her I had learned a lot and I was lighter, so it was time well spent. The freshly squeezed juice in the morning, daily sweating and healthful eating had turned my skin into a beacon of what skin should look like. I was relaxed and ready to go back to the real world. My catty shallow side had come to terms with the whole "I'll never be as pretty as Tony" thing because of the life coaches and my Day 1 Google search, "What country do the prettiest people live in?" When I read the result was "Brazil," I knew I would always be in second place (let me have second for sake of the story, please) compared to the Brazilian Adonises. That allowed me to open up, breath and fully enjoy my stay at the age-reversing resort on the East Coast. % That is speaking my language. The food is mostly salt-free and seasoned with herbs. That can be a little bland; yet, it is understandable. Additionally, you can find nutritional information next to every menu item, so you know exactly how much you are eating. Nutritionists are on site to help you find your best balance in diet, too. Editor's notes: To see the current prices of The food is locally sourced, sustainable and Canyon Ranch Spa, click here or phone Adorganic. Even the libations are swanky and miral Travel at 951-1801. organic. Matt Orr is a travel writer residing in whatever city he happens to be in that day. His THE INNER YOU best travel deals can be found here or by dialCanyon Ranch works to educate people about ing his posse of traveling experts at Admiral how their thoughts and health are linked. Travel.

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