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Sarasota News Leader January 11, 2013 He elaborated on this concept with an aphorism that he offers his students at Monroe Community College: "A poem is a lot like a good question. The question is always more powerful than the answer you give it." Page 81 do as you say or think or do. This happens in religion, obviously, but also in politics." UPCOMING LITERARY HAPPENINGS For those unable to attend Leuzzi's reading and discussion, opportunities are available in Leuzzi offered an example: "Like when a child the near future to attend recurring or standlooks at his father and says, 'Where do we go alone literary events in the area. when we die?' The answer to that is always going to be less than the question, which is On Sunday, Jan. 13, from 2 to 3 p.m., Bookstore 1 will be hosting a free "Poetry Local enormous and wonderful," he continued. "A Mic" event, which will feature Debra Gingrich, good poem will preserve the mystery of the Michelle Frau and Tom Lennox. Most Monday question, and I think that any kind of inquiry evenings, between 6 and 8 p.m., Pastry Art — or path to inquiry should preserve the mystery also in downtown Sarasota — hosts a "Poetry that led to the inquiry in the first place." Open Mic." The next one will take place on Monday, Jan. 14. Leuzzi referred to attempts to reduce the anAs for Leuzzi, it is possible he will eventualswers to life's great questions as "brutal." ly return to Bookstore 1 for another reading, "In some ways," he said, "what you're doing perhaps from a newly published book of pois using the path of inquiry as a way to try ems, or perhaps even from a second volume and control or manipulate others to think or of interviews. % Bookstore 1 Proprietor Georgia Court told The Sarasota News Leader after Leuzzi's presentation that she feels inviting authors to her store to perform readings or lead discussions 'adds a tremendous amount to [the Sarasota] community.'

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