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Sarasota News Leader January 18, 2013 is a bit of both. "My way of working is to try to find a reciprocity with the site and then have [the work], at some lower level, have some reverberations with the site itself," he said. "I was thinking a little bit when I was coming here about the circus and looked at a lot of circus tents and decided that ours could be a tent on the top and kind of a fun house on the bottom." Page 64 Aside from these aesthetic functions, Dougherty explained the structure reflects his interest in the circus lifestyle. "I'm interested in the nomadic nature of circuses in the sense that hunting and gathering people are nomadic and move for food and it's not that much different moving for commerce," he said. "It's a lot about my own travel and working and the way that I work to Dougherty went on to explain how the struc- gather materials somewhere nearby and just ture would reflect one of the more extravagant work with what I can get and try to build ideas circuses of the past, with one enormous tent about simple shelter." with six peaks — each of which represents a ring — to give audiences on the outside an Weaving the branches in a swooping design, idea of the scope of entertainment available he says, is also a way to convey a certain feelinside. This design, he said, will enhance vis- ing to the viewer. "It's really a drawing style itors' experiences when they enter the struc- where you're using sticks which are tapered lines in ways that you might make a mark on ture and explore its space. The interior of the first floor of the future Sarasota Museum of Art displays a mural that offers a preview of what the museum will look like when it is completed.

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