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Sarasota News Leader January 18, 2013 Page 65 your paper ... that suggests kind of momentum do work. We don't reread our novels; we go and excitement," he said. make something new," he continued. "Really, Another idea inevitably pondered by many in our lives, we like a lot of new things, tranwho see Dougherty's work is that of tempo- sitions and movement." rality, because his pieces rarely stand longer than a couple of years. Of the more than 230 pieces Dougherty has built across the world out of similar materials over the past 30 years, only a fraction remain standing. Dougherty said he expects the SMOA piece to stand for approximately two years, too, before it reaches the threshold of deterioration, at which point it will be taken down rather than allowed to continue to decay. Dougherty said people often ask him, "'Isn't it so sad that you work hard and not have something last?'" His answer, he explained, is that he simply does not see it that way. "Most everyone does temporary work," he said. "Lawyers and doctors and students — we all just "You get one great year and one pretty good year," he said. "We're weaving gold out of sticks and at a point it stops being 'the thing' — you know, the illusion fails it and then you need to kind of act on its behalf." (From foreground to background): Sarasota High School students Rachel (who declined to give her last name), Arlette Hernandez and Jessie Hernandez discuss the 'ARTful Bathroom' installation in the future Sarasota Museum of Art on Friday, Jan. 11. They told The Sarasota News Leader that afternoon that they appreciated the opportunity to see the interior of the building and to take part in the installation.

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