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ASK OTUS FOR THIS PART OF THE SERIES ON HOW BIRDS 'DO IT,' LET US TAKE A LOOK AT THE FORMATIVE YEARS Dear Readers, Months go by and my very own brood (I DID IT!) has fledged and I am free to roam further afield. and swallowing them whole, but I see a sinuous anole wrapping its tail around her beak, giving her some problems. On the bay side, she prefers fishing in shallow waters. I have seen her in that area when she has caught a lovely little appetizer in the form of a tiny fish. Blame it on the Great Blue Heron, but she has also learned that if she stands patiently and quietly on the fishing pier and looks a bit bereft, a fisherman will feel sorry for her and toss her a bait shrimp. Fortunately, when I spotted her in September, few fishermen were around to encourage this dangerous habit. One dawn, I spot Ardea at my favorite frog pond. On her own now, she is raptly intent on Time slips by. Another brood raised (I DID IT, exploring her new world and she is not a bad AGAIN!) and suddenly mating season begins huntress. She is quite adept at spearing frogs anew. Ardea explores her new world. File photo

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