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FIGHTING FISH KILLS AND TRASH A field used for special event parking at Siesta Public Beach recently has been a staging area for dead fish cleanups. Photo by Norman Schimmel THE TOURIST DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL RECOMMENDS THE COUNTY COMMISSION KEEP FUNNELING EXTRA TOURIST DEVELOPMENT TAX REVENUE INTO BEACH MAINTENANCE OPERATIONS By Rachel Brown Hackney Editor With recent fish kills linked to red tide off- the advisory committee members that 20 pershore and concerns about an inability to ban cent of the proceeds from the first extra pensmoking in public places, the members of the ny of the Tourist Development Tax — which Tourist Development Council did not hesitate went into effect on April 1, 1997 — has been to lend their unaniused for county beach mous support last maintenance for the week to keeping extra We don't make the headlines for past two years. county funds flowing emptying a trash can or cleaning a to beach maintenance. restroom, but, certainly, if that service is The TDT revenue is A presentation by not provided, that's when we'll make the divvied up into different accounts acParks and Recreation headlines. cording to formulae Department staff Edward Exner established by county during the TDC's Jan. Manager of Horticulture Services Sarasota County 17 meeting reminded policy.

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