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LIGHTEN UP A LITTLE Sarasota County Procurement Official Ted Coyman addresses the County Commission. File photo A CONSULTANT WITH A NATIONAL ORGANIZATION TELLS THE COUNTY COMMISSION SARASOTA COUNTY HAS BECOME TOO RESTRICTIVE IN EMPLOYEE USE OF PURCHASE CARDS By Rachel Brown Hackney Editor A representative of the National Institute of Louis Moore, lead consultant for the NIGP's Government Purchasing Inc. (NIGP) this week review of measures the county has taken to commended the progress Sarasota County improve procurement practices in the wake government has made to implement better of that scandal, said on Jan. 30 that he and his team "see some defistandards and practicnite productivity probes in its Procurement lems" with the restricDepartment, but he If [employees are] not responsible also told the County with their own finances, it's likely they tions on employees' Commission some of are not going to be responsible with a use of county credit cards, or P-cards. the county's self-im- P-card. posed restrictions folDuring discussions in Louis Moore lowing a 2011 scandal late November with Lead Consultant National Institute in that department about 40 county emof Government Purchasing Inc. were excessive. ployees in the Procure-

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