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CONTENTS DEVELOPMENT DILEMMA WHITHER THE SPRINGS? Click Any Headline To Go Directly To That Article NEWS & COMMENTARY DEVELOPMENT DILEMMA 11 PONDERING A FIX 15 NIK SKYWALKER 19 LIGHTEN UP A LITTLE 25 REBUILDING TRUST 30 THAT MUCH?! 33 WHITHER THE SPRINGS? 37 WHICH WAY? 40 A DIFFERENT MOTIVATION 44 NOT QUITE READY 46 Proposed changes to the Sarasota 2050 plan headed to the public for comments — Cooper Levey-Baker The Sarasota City Commission agrees to consider using an employee life insurance plan to try to help plug the pension debt hole — Stan Zimmerman International star Nik Wallenda makes it look easy as he walks a high wire across the bayfront on a sunny Sarasota morning — Staff Reports A consultant with a national organization tells the County Commission Sarasota County has become too restrictive in employee use of purchase cards — Rachel Brown Hackney Sarasota's new police chief begins multiple initiatives — Stan Zimmerman Sarasota County commissioners express shock over the cost of bus shelters and the time it takes to construct them — Rachel Brown Hackney The Sarasota County Commission offers $2 million to purchase Warm Mineral Springs at the same time a petition drive surfaces — Cooper Levey-Baker The Sarasota County commissioners ask a lot of questions but hesitate to make a decision about the future of bus rapid transit before meeting with the City Commission next week — Rachel Brown Hackney Palestinian doctor to bring message of peace to Sarasota — Cooper Levey-Baker City of Sarasota staff and Floridays Development are still at work on final agreements for the new hotel planned for downtown — Stan Zimmerman PHOTO CREDITS Front cover - Nik Wallenda blows a kiss - Tatyana Sharoubim Sarasota Leisure - Beached canoe at Selby Gardens - Robert Hackney

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