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Sarasota News Leader February 1, 2013 es and cost to Floridays will comprise "the parking agreement." There are 735 spaces in the garage; Floridays would like to use 300 of them, but negotiations are not yet final. Stancel hopes to bring the two agreements before the advisory board at its February meeting, and to the City Commission in March. Rogers would like to open the hotel in 2014. Stancel says the major issues of the redevelopment agreement were hammered out when city staff and the Page 47 Floridays representatives were writing the purchase and sale documents, including payment for underground utility improvements. "The redevelopment agreement shouldn't be a big issue," he added. The purchase and sale agreement was approved unanimously Oct. 1 by the City Commission. After the vote, Mayor Suzanne Atwell punned, "Not to be funny but this is a wonderful day in the neighborhood. It's the right time, the right fit and the right style for the City of Sarasota." % The City of Sarasota is working with Floridays Development on an agreement for use of the Palm Avenue garage for hotel guest parking. Photo by Norman Schimmel

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