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Sarasota News Leader February 1, 2013 Page 49 be served with legal papers. "In other words, the victim [who] applied for and received a temporary injunction based on her allegations of abuse should not wait for additional abuse to occur so that she can reapply and start the process over," writes the panel's chairwoman, Eileen Normile. KAYAK STORAGE FOR PADDLERS Another change to the law would prevent a judge from putting automatic expiration dates on Final Domestic Violence Injunctions. Normally, final injunctions expire after a year. Normile is asking that the restraining order remain in effect until a court hears why it should be cancelled. The board notes most kayakers load their craft on car-top carriers, but lifting them on and off is difficult for some people. Condominium-dwellers often do not have a place to store a kayak, and even homeowners face regulations in areas with homeowner associations. An earlier recommendation from the panel was approved last summer when the Sarasota Police Department re-established a "victim's advocate" position on the force. Sarasota County built a kayak storage facility in the Robinson Preserve, and it has proved very successful, operating at full capacity virtually since it opened. Units rent for $30 per The Parks, Recreation and Environmental Protection advisory board is recommending the city issue "invitations to negotiate" to build one or more kayak storage facilities at city parks along the bay. Kayakers are hoping the City of Sarasota will create storage space for them in city parks. Photo courtesy Sarasota Bay Estuary Program

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