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Sarasota News Leader February 1, 2013 Page 53 THE HISTORY on the property had not elapsed, allowing him to have music played from 9 p.m. to 1:30 a.m. Brown originally filed a lawsuit against the seven days a week, with the noise level not to county in the fall of 2007, alleging that actions exceed 85 decibels from the property line. by then-Zoning Administrator Tina Brown, unOn Jan. 31, 2011, Brown filed his second lawder pressure from various parties, resulted in suit against the county, alleging he had been his being unable to open The Hub when it was charged an excessive amount for his parking completed, costing him about three months assessments for The Hub, the Beach Club and Blu Que and contesting the special assessof revenue. ment charged businesses for upkeep of Siesta The county ended up settling with Brown over Village. the amended lawsuit filed in that case in 2009. He received $35,000 in damages. Additionally, That lawsuit ultimately led to a revision of the ordinance governing that upkeep as well as to the county vacated a portion of the right of a yearlong process to hire a new contractor to way along Ocean Boulevard adjacent to The handle Village maintenance. Hub to resolve a pending code enforcement action. (Brown had been accused of allowing The county reimbursed Brown $2,500 in parking assessments in that case. outside tables at The Hub to encroach upon the right of way.) Brown has said it was only about a month after he received the reimbursement that he Finally, the county confirmed that a special also received the 2011 tax bill with the new exception Brown had for live entertainment set of high assessments. % Care. No matter what. • Lifesaving cancer screenings • Annual GYN exams • Affordable Birth control Join us for our 47th Annual Dinner Celebration! March 5, 2013 • Municipal Auditorium Tickets start at $175 Enjoy a fabulous dinner and silent auction Meet guest speaker Lizz Winstead, comedian and political satirist known for her work as co-creator and former head writer for "The Daily Show," and "Air America Radio." Become a sponsor or silent auction donor! 941.365.3913 x1124 Planned Parenthood of Southwest and Central Florida • Sarasota 941-953-4060 • QUICK TIP Share stories by clicking the icon in the menubar and choosing to share via e-mail, post to Facebook or Twitter, or many other sharing options.

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