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Sarasota News Leader February 1, 2013 Page 55 county required to match that amount. Usual- the "No" vote, saying she felt she did not have ly, FDOT provides capital funds for such proj- adequate information to approve the proposal. ects, she pointed out. Though she supported the motion, ComThe grant is to be used over three years. Af- missioner Nora Patterson cautioned Carter, ter that, the county would have to cover all "Please don't take this vote as a [sign] we have the expenses for the service out of its general a lot of extra money to add to SCAT in the budget, Carter explained. next year or so." Cindy Zambella, the fiscal program manager for SCAT, told the commissioners the salaries When Patterson, who lives on Siesta Key, for the new bus operators would qualify as the asked how soon the service could start, Carcounty's match. ter said it takes about 18 months for buses The County Commission then voted 4-1 to to be delivered after they are ordered. Once authorize the nine new full-time SCAT posi- SCAT has the buses and the new personnel, tions. Commissioner Christine Robinson cast she noted, the service could begin. A Sarasota County graphic shows planned bus route schedules for proposed new service to Siesta Key. Image courtesy Sarasota County

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