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CITY COMMISSION WRAP-UP The City Commission listens to public comments during an October 2012 meeting. Photo by Norman Schimmel DOMESTIC VIOLENCE MEASURES NARROWLY WIN APPROVAL, WHILE THE CITY ATTORNEY WRESTLES WITH TANGLED LEGAL QUESTIONS By Stan Zimmerman City Editor A set of recommendations for the Florida court-ordered injunctions in domestic vioLegislature won Sarasota City commission lence cases. If a spouse petitions a judge for approval by the barest of margins on Feb. 4. help from an abusive husband (in rare cases, it could be an abusive wife), the judge issues By a 3-2 vote, the commissioners agreed to an injunction ordering the husband to stay seek other partners to strengthen their polit- away from the wife. ical clout to push changes to state law in the However, if deputies 2014 legislative sescannot hand the hussion, which begins in band the necessary March. Seizing property under a civil court papers, the inThe proposal came action is iffy. Are we going to confiscate junction dies because from the city's Inde- all the kitchen knives? it was not served. Eipendent Police Adleen Normile with the Shannon Snyder Commissioner advisory panel also visory Panel, and it City of Sarasota proposed the injuncconcerned details of

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