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Sarasota News Leader Easter. County Administrator Randall Reid indicated that was the plan. ���My recollection is that it is a 270-day project,��� Patterson pointed out, ���and that���ll mean the beach is going to be torn up next Christmas if we delay [the project] a lot longer.��� February 15, 2013 Page 38 million a year to handle repaving. Over the past 10 years, he said, the average expense on resurfacing has been $4.9 million per year. H o w e v e r, h e also noted that the cost of asphalt has been rising. Between 2003 and 2013, Maroney said, that cost has nearly tripled. Patterson recently has told A Google map shows the location of South River Road in In 2003, he addmembers of the south Sarasota County. Image courtesy Google Maps ed, the county Siesta Key Concould pave 22 dominium Council and the Siesta Key Village lane miles for the same amount of money it Association about the critical need to get the costs to pave about 12 lane miles today. stormwater project completed, to try to prevent future closures of the beach to swimming The target for the Public Works Department, because of high bacterial counts in the Gulf he continued, is to prevent more than 40 perof Mexico related to runoff from the beach cent of the county���s roads from falling below the rating of ���Overall Condition Index (OCI) parking lot and Beach Road. 60��� at any one time; a rating below OCI 60 inMaking the additional funding possible to covdicates resurfacing is needed. er the bids, Giovino said, ���left very little room for other projects,��� such as the resurfacing of To resurface all 695 miles of county roads with roads. an OCI below 60 would take about $65 million, Maroney pointed out. However, such an THE BACKLOG effort would be unrealistic, he said, because During his presentation, Maroney pointed out of a lack of local capacity to provide both the that staff was working on a program to move amount of asphalt and the number of contracthe county to the point of spending about $10 tors needed.

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