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I am sure you know the saying, ���It���s always something.��� That is the most succinct way to describe my work on this issue of the News Leader. When I graduated from college with a degree in journalism, I went to work for a newspaper with typewriters, not computer terminals, so we used the old ���cut-and-staple��� method of putting stories together. Whenever I realized I needed to reorder paragraphs ��� or add in something I had forgotten ��� I grabbed the scissors and the stapler and went to work. The goal was to make certain the typesetters could figure out what went where, so the story made sense. Now we use computers, but they do not always have a good day. (My husband insists no one has stranger things occur with the kind of inanimate object on which I am typing this letter than I do.) When my computer balks, that translates into a wee bit more stress for me as I finish up articles for the publication. Still, once I complete them, I do not have to worry about literally pasting stories on pages, as I also did at that first reporting job. Actually, it is pretty remarkable that reporters can email me their stories; our photographer, Norman Schimmel, can email me his photos; our copy editor, Vicki, can proof everything online in a system that allows her to make extensive comments; and our production manager, Cleve, can use that same online system as his source for everything to lay out an issue. We do not have to see each other to create the News Leader each week! Even when my computer is being testy, I have tremendous appreciation for the fact I no longer need to fear dropping an Xacto knife on a toe (yes, it hurts a lot). And our result is a publication that looks far superior to anything that shows up in print. That is quite a lot for which to give thanks. Editor and Publisher

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