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CONTENTS NTOD ON SCHEDULE MEET THE CANDIDATES: PART II Click Any Headline To Go Directly To That Article NEWS & COMMENTARY MEET THE CANDIDATES: PART II 8 ABOUT THOSE CLUBS ��� 32 PUT OFF AGAIN 37 NTOD ON SCHEDULE 42 A DEPUTY CHIEF 47 ���SOLICITATION��� VERSUS ���OBSTRUCTING TRAFFIC��� 49 IN THE HOLE ALREADY 53 MORE PROBLEMS LOOM 58 LOOKING FOR SOME ACCORD 63 A THING OF THE PAST? 68 City Commission candidates Suzanne Atwell, Susan Chapman and Linda Holland answer questions posed by The Sarasota News Leader in advance of the March 12 election ��� Stan Zimmerman How a national evangelical organization is spreading its message in public schools ��� Cooper Levey-Baker County Commission declines to meet with advocate for domestic partnership registry until it hears a legal analysis of such ordinances ��� Rachel Brown Hackney Administrative site plan approval remains the sticking point in this latest initiative for North Trail redevelopment ��� Stan Zimmerman Sarasota���s police chief is advertising for a No. 2, a position that has been vacant since January 2006 ��� Stan Zimmerman The County Commission approves an emergency ordinance in response to a Circuit Court ruling on the City of Sarasota���s panhandling law ��� Rachel Brown Hackney The city���s former finance director and a retiring city commissioner speak frankly about proposals for finding $4.8 million to balance the next Sarasota budget ��� Stan Zimmerman Analysis: City Commission���s decision to uphold the Walmart appeal raises the question, what is next? ��� Stan Zimmerman The County Commission starts the conflict resolution process to try to resolve the ownership issue of Warm Mineral Springs ��� Rachel Brown Hackney Sufficient groundwater supplies in Sarasota and its three neighboring counties mean no water restrictions for now ��� Stan Zimmerman PHOTO CREDITS Front cover: Selby Gardens, Robert Hackney Sarasota Leisure: Sarasota Sunset, Norman Schimmel

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