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Sarasota News Leader March 1, 2013 Page 44 Check all the right boxes and here is your per- City Planner Ryan Chapdelain gave the Planmit. ning Board city police statistics for the area. ���Over the past five years, index crimes run The public is not totally excluded from the about 410 per year, or more than one per day,��� process. Before an application is filed, a dehe said. veloper must hold a neighborhood meeting to inform nearby residents of the plans. If the Index crimes are the most serious felonies, project is approved administratively, neigh- including murder, armed robbery and rape. bors can still seek a Planning Board hearing on it, but only if they pay for an appeal. The The North Trail is not exactly a tourist destination anymore. It became the place for staycost is around $1,400. alive business, the wait for ���Daddy Warbucks��� For decades the city has grappled with the to arrive and shower mom and pop with mildeclining fortunes of the North Tamiami Trail. lions for their valuable land. When the dust The mom-and-pop motels were essential to cleared and boom turned to bust, Mr. WarSarasota tourism in the 1950s before the big bucks found there was no way to make the hotels came. Some, such as the high-rise Hol- land more productive under existing zoning iday Inn at U.S. 41 and the Ringling Cause- regulations. way, were built, busy, then torn down while the North Trail mom-and-pops stayed in busi- ���That���s when the pressure started to get greater densities and heights,��� Paola Summers told ness ��� kind of. The draft North Trail Overlay District plan offers concepts of how more daylight can be allowed between buildings. Image courtesy City of Sarasota

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