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A DEPUTY CHIEF The Sarasota Police Department is located on Adams Lane in downtown Sarasota. Photo by Norman Schimmel SARASOTA���S POLICE CHIEF IS ADVERTISING FOR A NO. 2, A POSITION THAT HAS BEEN VACANT SINCE JANUARY 2006 By Stan Zimmerman City Editor Sarasota���s new Chief of Police Bernadette DiP- for administration ��� including training, personnel, equipment and records. ino is now looking for a No. 2. The posting puts emphasis on community po- Under the heading of ���job-based competenlicing, problem-oriented policing and ���change cies,��� the posting calls for ���comprehensive knowledge of community policing and probinitiative[s].��� lem-oriented policing best practices.��� The job of deputy chief was posted on FriAnd it calls for ���proven ability to command day, Feb. 22; the application period will close [the] respect of division members with the March 8. ability to establish and maintain an effective It lists all the duties expected of a strong deputy ��� overseeing budget preparation and administration, representing the department in collective bargaining and taking responsibility program of supervision, communication, evaluation, discipline and remediation.��� It was widely speculated that DiPino wanted a deputy chief of her own choosing to ���watch

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