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���SOLICITATION��� VERSUS ���OBSTRUCTING TRAFFIC��� An emergency county ordinance that went into effect this week addresses public safety instead of solicitation in response to the numbers of people on local roads seeking money or help finding jobs. photo THE COUNTY COMMISSION APPROVES AN EMERGENCY ORDINANCE IN RESPONSE TO A CIRCUIT COURT RULING ON THE CITY OF SARASOTA���S PANHANDLING LAW By Rachel Brown Hackney Editor In an effort to prevent a potential legal challenge, the Sarasota County Commission unanimously approved an emergency ordinance on Feb. 27, changing parts of the current county code banning solicitation on roads and rights of way. occupant of any motorized vehicle upon a road in the unincorporated area of Sarasota County ���.��� Commissioners Joe Barbetta and Nora Patterson, however, voiced some concerns about some of the new language, and Barbetta obThe changes substitute jected to having to ���obstruction of trafact on the basis of a fic��� for ���solicitation��� threat. County AttorI think we need to stand our ney Stephen DeMarsh and prohibit the ���distribution of any item ground. assured them the to, receipt of any item board could advertise Joe Barbetta Commissioner from, or exchange a public hearing at any Sarasota County of any item with the time on the ordinance,

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