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OPINION ���WE GET THE GOVERNMENT WE DESERVE��� EDITORIAL The current imbroglio between Sarasota County and the North Port City Commission over the future of Warm Mineral Springs is a cautionary tale for voters in the City of Sarasota, as they approach the election of two at-large commissioners on March 12. In a long ago age of comity (December 2010), the City of North Port and Sarasota County jointly purchased Warm Mineral Springs for $5.5 million, with the intention of preserving the site and using it for economic development. elected, campaigned on a platform of fiscal responsibility. The two candidates provided scant detail about what they considered that to mean during the campaign, and they avoided most of the candidate forums, preventing voters from forming an accurate opinion of the kind of commissioners they would be if elected. In fact, it was something of a surprise when they won their primaries in August, but then only about 12 percent of registered voters in the city actually bothered to go to the polls. Turnout was considerably higher in the general election, but most voters knew very litAll of that changed following the November tle about the two challengers. Their election 2012 election, which saw two challengers perhaps could be ascribed to anti-incumbent ��� Cheryl Cook and Rhonda DiFranco ��� de- sentiment among voters. feat incumbents David Garofalo and Michael Treubert. The two women, to the extent that Regardless, after taking office, the two comthey were open about their intentions once missioners wasted no time in staking out just

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