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Sarasota News Leader March 1, 2013 Page 95 ink writing was difficult to decipher, and many intersection between �� la recherche and neumistakes had made their way into previous roscience. Be warned: Two of the events will editions. Dezon-Jones��� team worked to cor- be conducted entirely in French. rect those. The good news: Everything is free. DeInspired by the surge of centennial honors in zon-Jones says that, quite contrary to �� la France, Dezon-Jones ���thought it would be nice recherche���s reputation as an arduous read, to have a little celebration��� here in Sarasota, ���Proust himself said that he wanted to write and she reached out to Sarasota County librar- for everybody,��� and keeping things free fits ies, New College, the Alliance Fran��aise and with that philosophy. Bookstore1Sarasota on Main Street in Sarasota. Her original plan quickly mushroomed into Even when she is not writing academically a major event. ���It started as a little project,��� about Proust, Dezon-Jones is always trying she says. ������Let���s invite one or two speakers.��� to help readers ���enter��� his work. She knows how intimidating books with ���difficult��� repAnd then it grew. Voil��.��� utations can be. She felt it herself when she The events ��� eight in total ��� run all March read Ulysses and Finnegans Wake. So years long. They range from lectures to book dis- ago, she crafted a mystery novel under the pen cussions to film screenings. Topics include name Estelle Monbrun. The translated title? the life of Proust���s mother, Proust���s reception Murder Chez Proust. All she can say is, ���I���m a in the English-speaking world and even the teacher.��� % A flyer offers details about the Proust Project events. Contributed image

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